Time Machine


88,88  / 1000 ml

Intense umami, complex interplay of sweetness and acidity

Brewery: Kinoshita Shuzo, Kyoto
Rice: Kitanishiki
Type: Junmai, 88%
Alcohol vol.: 14 %

Time Machine


Tamagawa Time Machine was brewed by a recipe from 1712. The local rice is almost not polished at all, fermentation is started spontaneously in the labor intense kimoto style. The thick texture matches the elegant sweetnes in the beginning, a layered finish with balanced acidity and dry notes completes the time mashine kimoto. Everything is accentuated with a distinct, yet subtle umami. Because of its versatile flavour profile, this sake paires well with numerous dishes, such as foie gras or vanilla ice cream.

Polishing ratio






Amino acid


Water hardness


Storage temp.

5°C - 20°C

Drinking temp.

5°C - 65°C

Very versatile food pairing options here: great with roquefort cheese, fried pork belly or as topping for vanilla ice cream.

KINOSHITA SHUZO is located near the coast of northern Hyogo, in a small town called Kyotango. In 1842 the prestigeous brewery was founded, the name TAMAGAWA translates to “river of jewels” which derives from the Kawakamidani river that is located directly next to the brewery. Master brewer Philip Harper is born in England, and the only non-japanese toji (master brewer) in Japan. His sake are edgy and highly complex, while being just fun to drink! For KINOSHITA SHUZO freshly pressed sake is just the beginning of a journey. Many of their sake are aged in the bottle at low temperatures for several years. Furthermore, a variety of TAMAGAWA sake are made in the labour intense yamahai and kimoto method.

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