49,44  / 1000 ml

Lush ceder aroma and round umami

Brewery: Shinshu Meijou, Nagano
Rice: Hitogoki
Type: Junmai Daiginjo, 59 %
Content: 1800 ml
Alcohol vol.: 15 %



Taru Sake has a distingueshed taste: Just like traditional Sake used to be stored and transported in ceder wood barrels ("taru"), this taru Sake is stored in Japanese ceder wood which lends it the distinct woody aromas and flavours. It has an intensive yet well balanced character with dominant notes of pepper, green wood, tobacco and some clove. This barrell has a screw top on the back, to serve the Sake. Empty this barrell makes for a wonderfully decorative accessory.

Polishing ratio

59 %





Amino acid


Water hardness


Storage temp.

5 ºC

Drinking temp.

8 ºC

SHINSHU MEIJOU translates as „freshly brewed sake from Nagano”. With a history that dates back more than 180 years, SHINSHU MEIJOU is one of the oldest sake breweries in Nagano. In difficult times after the 2nd world war, Japan was affected by a great famine, and people hardly had enough rice to eat, not to mention rice for sake brewing. Born out of this necessity, four small local sake breweries decided to team up, and pool their strengths, know how and resources. Besides wanting to preserve the old techniques and the art of sake brewing, SHINSHU MEIJOU is one of the first breweries in Nagano that created the temperature controlled fermentation and maturation of their sake. This way, the sake can develop much deeper layers of taste and aroma. Furthermore, they are famous for processing only small batches of rice at a time, which finally leads to a unique result: soft with full body and a balanced umami are characterize the sake range from SHINSHU MEIJOU. To date, the brewery was awarded 21 times in a row with the prestigious gold medal at the national sake awards.