238,89  / 1000 ml

Silky and smooth with a clean and long finish

Brewery: Sawaya Matsumoto Shuzo, Kyoto
Rice: Yamada Nishiki
Type: Junmai Daiginjo,
Alcohol vol.: 15%



This Sake is the flagship product from Matsumoto Sake Brewery. Made with a vintage rice from 2019 of class A Yamada Nishiki, the brewery is working with a very rare pressing methos called Shizuku. In order to separate the rice sediments from the final sake, the whole mash is put into linen bags and hung up on the ceiling. The brewer then waits for the next four hours to extract the purest and most refined part of the entire brew, drop by drop. Once the bottle is filled by this method, it is immediately vacuum sealed. The texture of this super premium Sake is silky and smooth, while the nose has black currant, orange peel, fennel seed and lychee perfume. The tongue is sharp, light body and similar to the nose in terms of fruityness. Clean and long finish, with light herbal and yogurt hints.

Perfect served alone, or paired with raw fish and seafood.

Polishing ratio



Amino acid

Water hardness


Storage temp.

2°C - 10°C

Drinking temp.

5°C - 10°C

Perfect match with raw fish, oysters and seafood

With a venerable history dating back to the Edo era, MATSUMOTO is one of the oldest sake breweries in Kyoto and has been designated as a National Heritage site by the Japanese Government. They have been making only junmai-shu (sake with no added alcohol) at the same location for over two hundred years.
The brand name SHUHARI comes from three distinct Japanese characters that relate to Matsumoto’s long legacy as a sake brewer: SHU – to protect their existing tradition, HA – to continue to break new ground in sake brewing, and finally RI – to separate and create a new taste of Sake for the next generation.

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