Phoenix Sparkling


80,56  / 1000 ml

Sparkling, creamy & elegantly yeasty

Brewery: Tatenokawa, Yamaguchi
Rice: Miyama Nishiki
Type: Junmai Daiginjo, 50 %
Alcohol vol.: 15 %

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Phoenix Sparkling


In collaboration with the french Rock Band Phoenix, who are great Sake fans themselves, Tatenokawa Brewery is presenting this wonderful sparkling Junmai Daiginjo. Delicate notes of green apple and honeymelonare followed by a wonderful creamyness and buttery finish. The distinctly delicate perlage makes Phoenix Sparkling an elegant drinking experience.

Polishing ratio

50 %





Amino acid


Water hardness


Storage temp.

2°C - 10°C

Drinking temp.

5°C - 10°C

TATENOKAWA brewery is driven by the vision of making excellent sake and in 2010 dedicated itself to exclusively produce Junmai Daiginjo style Sake. The French rock band PHOENIX collaborated with Tatenokawa to release their own Sake in 2017. The project is an ode to Toshiro Kuroda, who promoted Japanese Sake in France and Europe and inspired the the band's passion for Sake: “Mr. Kuroda was a great master who taught all the beauties of life, which include Sake, and is still inspiring us every day.” A portion of sales from their Phoenix Sake will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society to support the progression of medical technology.

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