Mizubasho Dessert


235,00  / 1000 ml

Full-bodied sweetness & round umami

Brewery: Nagai Shuzo, Gunma
Rice: Yamada Nishiki
Type: Junmai Ginjo & Kijoshu, 60 %
Alcohol vol.: 16 %

Mizubasho Dessert


Mizubasho Dessert is a Kijoshu style Sake, a fortified Sake, where the brewer adds Sake instead of water to the fermentation tank. The result is a sweet Sake that resembles the deep flavours of Sherry or Portwine. Mizubasho Dessert is then aged at cold temperature for over five years and offers a robust umami in addition to its full bodied sweetness with an aroma of muskmelon. It pairs exeptionally well with cheese, chocolate & ice cream.

Polishing ratio

60 %





Amino acid


Water hardness


Storage temp.

2 °C - 10 °C

Drinking temp.

5 °C - 10 °C

It pairs exeptionally well with cheese, chocolate & ice cream.

NAGAI Sake Brewery was founded in 1886 when Shoji Nagai discovered mountainous land with a natural spring of pure water ideal for Sake brewing. Until today the brewery is located in the village Kawaba in northern Gunma prefecture, surrounded by rice fields, rolling hills and lush forest. The softness and purity of the local natural spring water is characteristic for Nagai Sake. Since the introduction of the MIZUBASHO brand in 1992 the brewery is focussing on creating highly refined and elegant premium Sake by combining traditional handmade Sake brewing methods and modern technology. On this quest, the current president Noriyoshi Nagai is involving the local community and rice farmers in order to support and continue traditions and craftsmanship.
Mr. Nagai spent many years learning about champagne and it's at the estate of Salon in France and returned to Japan to brew his own sparkling Sake MIZUBASHO PURE with that knowledge. He is further more the founder and representative director of the Japan Awasake Association, which defines and manages the quality standards of sparkling Sake throughout Japan.

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