Miyasaka Red


45,83  / 1000 ml

A refined presence and a beautiful finish

Brewery: Miyasaka Shuzo, Nagano
Rice: Yamada Nishiki
Type: Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu, 55 %
Content: 720 ml
Alcohol vol.: 16 %

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Miyasaka Red


This Miyasaka is brewed with Yamadanishiki rice and unfolds a fresh aroma of pear, honeymelon and red grapes. The flavour is rich in minerality and finishes with delicate umami. A nice viscosity on the tongue lends a rich mouthfeel.

Polishing ratio

55 %



Amino acid

Water hardness


Storage temp.

Drinking temp.

5 °C - 8 °C

Great pair with oriental cuisine such as humus, falafel or kebab.

MIYASAKA Brewing Company was established in 1662 by the Miyasaka family and is located in the picturesque lake town Suwa in Nagano prefecture. Honouring the ancient treasure kept in the local shrine, a bronze mirror, they called their Sake "Masumi", which translates to Transparency or Truth. It was in 1946 that scientists discovered a superior yeast variety occurring naturally in the brewery, creating the outstanding elegance of the Sake. Brewing Association Yeast Nr. 7 soon became the favourite and widely used among brewers all over Japan. The new MIYASAKA7 series honours and highlights the special characteristics of the brewery and its natural resources.