Kurumazaka Kimoto Junmai


62,50  / 1000 ml

A surprisingly complex Sake!

Brewery: Yoshimura Hideo Shoten, Wakayama
Rice: Gohyakumangoku
Type: Junmai Kimoto, 65%
Alcohol vol.: 16%

Kurumazaka Kimoto Junmai


This humble Junmai is the first kimoto ever brewed by Kurumazaka. Using 100% organic rice from Wakayama prefecture, it is a masterpiece of its own.
The nose walnut, black tea, peat and roasted coffee, while fresh green notes shine throw. The taste is driven by a warm umami and you will find hints of caramel, brown sugar and cedar. It is an amazing pair for richer dishes and almost any type of cheese. Please also enjoy this Sake at different temperatures.

Polishing ratio




Amino acid

Water hardness


Storage temp.

2° - 10°

Drinking temp.

12° - 17°

YOSHIMURA HIDEO SHOTEN is located in the middle of wakayamas beautyful mountain range. SInce 1915 the brewerie produces a wide range of premium sake and fruit liquors with ingredients sourced directly at the brewery. Akiko Fujita is the master brewer and one of the few females who work as a toji in Japan. The sake brewed by her are characterized by a beautyful balance of umami, minerality, acidity and fruitiness. The majority of her brews was stored at least three years at temperatures around 5°C. This process gives the sake a wonderful depth and complexity.
Furthermore, most of KURUMAZAKA sake were brewed in the labour intense yamahai and kimoto method, in which the addition of lactic acid is waved. This results in a more edgy and funky aroma and taste.

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