KID Junmai Ginjo


38,88  / 1000 ml

Sapore succoso e finitura rotonda

Brewery: Heiwa Shuzo, Wakayama
Rice: Yamada Nishiki
Type: Junmai Ginjo, 55 %
Alcohol vol.: 15 %

KID Junmai Ginjo


This Junmai Ginjo is easy to drink with clear colour, a nose of ripe grapes and a juicy flavour. Great notes of gooseberry, quince and pear are part of the extremely clear and elegant mouthfeel.

Polishing ratio

55 %





Amino acid


Water hardness


Storage temp.

2 °C - 10 °C

Drinking temp.

5 °C - 20 °C

HEIWA brewery was named “Heiwa”, or Peace for their desire for world peace after the destruction of World War II. Built inside and around a 500-year-old temple in scenic Wakayama, the brewery is surrounded by mountains and abundant natural spring water. The brewery workers (kurabitos) form a team of young men and women, who are equally encouraged and supported the brewery owner Mr. Yamamoto to make their own brews and present their ideas as an internal friendly competition.
HEIWA is also famous for fruit infused sake made from plums, tangerines, and yuzu grown in their own orchards in the surrounding hillsides.

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