Hirotogawa Tokubetsu Junmai


50,00  / 1000 ml

Classic sake notes with mellow finish

Brewery: Matzusaki Shuzo, Fukushima
Rice: Yume no Ka
Type: Tokubetsu Junmai, 55 %
Alcohol vol.: 16 %

Hirotogawa Tokubetsu Junmai


Classic Junmai notes of ripe stonefruits and rice pair beautyfully with a light minerality and balanced umami. The taste is driven by notes of nuts, pear and a mild honey sweetness. The quick finish leaves a lovely aftertaste of cotton candy and roasted almonds.This is a Tokubetsu Junmai that can be served cold or lukewarm.
Hirotogawa Tokubetsu Junmai won the gold prize in the Junmai Sake Category at the “Sake Competition 2016”.

Polishing ratio

55 %





Amino acid


Water hardness


Storage temp.

2°C - 10°C

Drinking temp.

5°C - 45°C

Superb pair with spicy noodle dishes or a hearty hamburger.

MATSUZAKI brewery in Fukushima prefecture was severely damaged during the destructive earthquake and tsunami in 2011. Not only the buildings suffered from the desaster, the brewery also lost their brew master of many years. With nobody to take over, Mr. Hiroyuki Matsuzaki assumed the responsibility and entered a university program to learn the craft. Now he is the sixth generation to lead his family's brewery and has made it his mission to brew the best sake he can for the community that supported the brewery throughout the years of hardship and his mission of revival.

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