Lively & fresh with gentle acidity and tartness.

Brewery: , Akita
Rice: Misato Nishiki
Type: Junmai Ginjo, 55 %
Alcohol vol.: 16 %



ENTER.Sake Haraksumi is lively on the palate with fresh notes of apple, starfruit, and melon. This sake has gentle acidity and tartness that makes it the perfect companion for food.

Polishing ratio

55 %



Amino acid

Water hardness


Storage temp.

Drinking temp.

Sake from the land of snow. HARAKASUMI sake is famous for its delicate spring water that makes beautiful exquisite sake. In winter, the area around the brewery is blanketed with immense snowfall. During the spring thaw the snow pack melts into harukasumi or “spring mist.” The pure snow melt feeds the local springs that give the brewery source water its famous taste.

ENTER.Sake was founded by music producer & DJ Richie Hawtin to bring Japanese premium Sake to a new generation of international costumers in restaurants, music clubs & festivals. The evolving collection of Sakes is hand made by five different breweries in Japan and exported to Europe & North America.