Kaze no Mori Akitsuho 657


51,39  / 1000 ml

Light, fresh & lively on the tongue

Brewery: Yucho Shuzo, Nara
Rice: Akitsuho
Type: Junmai, 65 %
Alcohol vol.: 17 %

Kaze no Mori Akitsuho 657


Akitsuho 657 has a great balance of light fruit and delicate umami. Ripe pear, apricote and a hint of banana combine in a fresh and lively display of aromas. This Sake is un-pasteurized which lends it its spritzy liveliness and causes a slightly spritzy Texture on the tongue. It is brewed Akitsuho rice, a local rice variety, which lends Akitsuho 657 its name.

Polishing ratio

65 %





Amino acid


Water hardness


Storage temp.

2 °C - 10 °C

Drinking temp.

5 °C - 10 °C

YUCHO Shuzo is located in Nara prefecture, the birthplace of Japanese Sake and has been brewing for over 300 years. Yoshihiko Yamamoto is the 13th generation of brewers and has a deep knowledge of brewing history and techniques, which he sources to pioneer new processes for the craft. The brand name KAZE NO MORI translates to "Forest of the Wind" and refers to the shrine in the woods near the brewery, where a the wind picks up as one approaches. Mr. Yamamoto likens the lively character of the wind to that of his Sake, which has a slight effervesce and fresh yet rich and complex profile.

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